Diego Ramirez has composed several pieces for full orchestra. “Tenochtitlan” was his first piece. It captures the drama of the arrival of Spanish explorer Cortes to the land now known as Mexico. The piece tells the history of how Cortes came upon the exquisite Aztec city of Tenochtitlan (where modern day Mexico City is) and the tragedy of conquering the native people and their culture. The grandeur of Tenochtitlan is resurrected through Diego's  full length orchestral composition.  The full score and permission to perform is available upon request.

Sketches of Mexico

Diego Ramirez Music

All original music by Diego Ramirez. Musical paintings of Mexico expressed through the original compositions of composer and pianist, Diego Ramirez, accompanied by Fernando Caballero on drums and Juan Ramos on upright bass. Recorded in Mexico. Available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify etc. Available on CD and Vinyl

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